A Bunch Of Animals

by The Sensibles

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released October 12, 2013

All songs by The Sensibles
Recorded and mixed by Bruno Barcella at T.U.P. Studio.

Intervista su Onda Rock


"un album che non annoia mai"

"...importante passo in avanti per il sound della band..."

"come una pillola in grado di farvi ridere con le lacrime agli occhi e il cuore che esplode di malinconia."

"Con dischi come questo il divertimento è assicurato, il piedino batte costantemente e c’è sempre il ritornello “scemotto” che s’appiccica alle meningi come melassa"

"Dovessi girare una versione punk rock di Grease chiamerei sicuramente The Sensibles!"

"Questo loro primo album è una boccata d'aria fresca: veloce ma non troppo, ramonesiano senza mai scendere nella parodia, power-pop senza accademia e con momenti di assoluta eccellenza"

"Un piccolo album davvero riuscito, un bel concentrato di energia punk e ruvida dolcezza pop da tenere stretto in vista della brutta stagione."


I Buy Records
"...hanno sviluppato e perfezionato un proprio sound, chiaramente ispirato al powerpop/bubblegum/rock moderno ma non disdegnando il sound '60s"


Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!
"This is infectious, catchy, uptempo full on power pop punk sometimes reminding me of The Rezillos or Shonen Knife but it is very much The Sensibles"
"I f*cking love it!"

Faster and Louder Blog
"After you hear this record, you'll want to hang out with The Sensibles. You'll want to cook them breakfast and buy them gifts for Christmas. You'll want a tattoo of their logo on your left calf. I've been a pop-punk fan for a very long time, and I'd say this album is a potential classic of the genre."

Ride a Dove
"The tunes give you a impressive fusion of a Ramones meats The Donnas bubblegum treatment, classic UK powerpop and the sound of current Dirtnap releases"

... a weird mixture of quirky and fun.

Makes Shonen Knife sound like Slayer!

"Aunque suene a tópico, no hay tema malo en este LP de doce canciones grandiosas y que se suceden sin descanso, toda una joya."




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Track Name: Happy
Singing in the sea, singing loud,
It makes me happy!
Pizza & cherry coke, dinosaurs / rainy days
Makes me happy
I’m a fool, but you’re already dead
And you can’t reach me ‘cause I’m in my perfect woooorld
Track Name: My Mattress
There is something on my mind
I cannot sleep at night
There is something going wrong
I couldn’t be more strong
Clouds are over me, what’s my destiny?
Daydreaming all night laying on my mattress
Track Name: Confetti Blizzard
Waking up with eyes closed every morning
Drinking coffee and running out in the street
I’m looking for something to do
And I’m walking in a confetti blizzard
With sunglasses and wearing a yellow hat
A blank expression on my face
Days and weeks passing by like a movie
But a minute could be never ending
Oh, it’s storming in my head
I don’t care about past, about future
I just want to be ok for the moment
Oh, it’s storming in my head
And when we’re closed up together
What does it mean “it’s forever”?
Please don’t expect something from me
Track Name: I'm A Brat
Everyday I wonder how
To be better than I am
More polite, more nice and kind
A new personality
But, no, I prefer to set myself free
You can find me over the trees
I'm a brat and I don’t mind
Oh, let me scream with the wind
Let me dance in the storm
Let me say stupid jokes
Let me be a brat
And behave like I do
Because I dont want to be
Something different from me
Track Name: Stay With Me
Everybody lies but I don’t wanna lie to you
I stay by your side, if you’ll be kind I will be too
Come on and stay with me tonight
Let’s have some fun
Come on and stay with me
We can run run run until the morning come
And every single day and every single night
I’ll hug you like a bear that’s running out of life
I don’t expect to know your secrets I just need a place to hide
Track Name: Pictures In My Head
Another day is going to the end
And all my thoughts are running more than fast
And I wonder it’s a dream or it’s reality
And when the sun burns everything around
Wide open eyes to let it burn my mind
For realizing that I don’t need something more than this
I’m on the run and I’m ok
I’m so excited I want to play again
And feeling happy with myself
And on the road I’ve met some friends
I’ve got their pictures framed in my head, I hope to meet them all again
Track Name: Milky Way
Suddenly your world is becoming so strange
You don’t know what’s going on
Everything is changing and everything’s weird
Like your face in a broken mirror
But planets are with you, my friend, don’t be scared and dream again
Constellations are your guiding lights
Don’t get down
In the darkest night
I can see your smile
Your eyes full of stars / Like the milky way
Track Name: I Want Your Blood
Something in that night
Made me feel I was so right
Someone, like a dream,
I heard whispering in my ears
I want your blood
Then I shake your hand
And my eyes are turning red
My heart beats so fast
May I ask you a request?
I want your blood
Give me your heart
I’m going to cut it into pieces
Track Name: Silly Song
One day you’re fine, one day you’re blue
I can explain you what to do
It’s a secret, close your eyes
Breathe the air and make a smile
Turn around three times and then
Don’t be afraid just shake your head and say
La la la la la la lalla la lalla la lalla
When you’re feeling deeply sad
don’t forget my words and dance
I don’t care, I just pretend it works
While I’m staring at the sky
Track Name: Dear Otzi
Age of ice
But you look so nice
Make a fire
Show me how to do
You’re so cold
I can warm you up
Let me come into your cave
Build a wheel
Take me out this night
Have you ever met?
Dancing time
Howling at the moon
I just wanna be with you
On your straw all days all the nights through
Dear Otzi
Don’t leave me alone in the snow
We’re simple minds but however
We can be happy together!
Track Name: Animals
Like a snake I’m coming out and watch the sun
Birds and clouds are running in a yellow sky
And I close my eyes
It’s a feeling hard to be described
And it makes me smile
At the end we are all wild animals
I can walk a street of gold or the dustiest path at all
I can drink only champagne or river water from my hands
But at the end of all
We’re animals
I’m who I am
my heart won’t lie
Track Name: Kitten Blues
I’m a kitten
And I live in the kitchen
I live on canned food
And don’t know what to do
I’m a kitten
And I live in the kitchen
Everything is blue
And don’t know what to do
I’m a kitten
Can’t you see?
Everything is boring me
No more wool mice
No more lies
Give me flash and bloody smiles!